Spartan Junior Race

Race Against Someone Your Own Size

Run. Jump. Duck. Climb. Get Muddy!

Get ready for the most fun obstacle course you’ve ever seen.

This course is made for you to have the time of your life. If you don’t have fun, we may just make you go back and do it again. (We’re joking. Of course you’ll have fun!)

wall climb junior race

Why Race?

Get Healthy: Spartan Junior is about a return to the childlike sense of adventure that we’ve lost while getting sucked up into “normal life” of over-scheduled and over organised activities. Spartan Races wants to keep this sense of adventure alive in our kids BEFORE they lose it. Today, a typical child devotes an average 7.5 hours each day to entertainment media: TV, video games, mobile phones, and movies.

Get Active: Physical activity is essential in helping children control weight, build lean muscle, reduce fat, and develop strong bones, muscles and joints let alone developing healthy life sustaining habits. The challenges in a Spartan Junior Race are ideally suited to building a fitter, stronger, and healthier youngster.

Have Fun: More importantly, the sense of fun and camaraderie inherent in our races will help instill within your kids a sense of excitement and respect for fitness producing – in time – a more invigorated child. Spartan Races are about building a healthy and active community of people. Spartan Junior Races allow us to help build stronger families, a foundation for all vibrant communities.

fire jump junior spartan race

How old do I need to be to do a Junior Race?

Anyone aged between 3-14 years old can compete as a Junior. After that, it’s over to the adult course to really test your Spartan mettle.

How much does it cost?

Juniors can enter any one of our races this season for just £20 in advance, or £25 on the day.

Visit the race finder to sign up the kids to race now